The death of the student Sandy Shabib in Erbil as a result of her injuries Erbil–Exclusive.
Sources of reported to the site in Erbil that Sandy Shabib Hadi, one of the students wounded by the criminal attack that targeted the buses carrying Baghdeeda students, died in Erbil on Monday evening, 10th May 2010, as a result of her injuries.
  The sources added, the student Hadi had been hit in the head by shrapnel during the attack, and despite the surgery, her health status was not settled. She remained in a coma until her death on Monday evening.
  The student Hadi was born in 1991 and she was in her first year at the Department of Biology, College of Science- University of Mosul.
  The death of Sandy brings the number of dead resulted from the suicide bombing to two persons.