The Council of People obtained three seats while the other two seats went to the Assyrian Movement. – Exclusive

According to the final results of the Parliamentary elections which took place in Kurdistan region of Iraq on the 25th of last July and announced by the Independent Electoral Commission on Friday in Arbil, the Council of People’s Chaldean Syriac Assyrian won three seats, while the Assyrian Democratic Movement won the remaining two seats out of five seats, the Kota for our people in the Parliament.
  The United Chaldeans list came in the third place ahead of the Communist-backed list and the National Assyrian Party by 20 votes.
  The Council of People received (10595) votes, of 53.88%, while the list of the Assyrian Democratic Movement received (5690) votes, of 28.93%. The United Chaldean list obtained (1700) votes, of 08.64%, while the list of Autonomy for Cheldo-Assrian Organization and the National Assyrian Party received (1680) votes, of 08.54%.