The Christian in Mosul deny the discontinuation of gunmen attacks against them

Mosul –

A number of Christian people in Mosul refused the talks of Nineveh governor, Atheel Al-Najafy, last Saturday, about the absence of gun attacks against them. They confirmed the continuation of these attacks without the presence of any real action to stop them or reveal who’s responsible for them.
  Al-Najafy statements contradicted with the recent crimes of attacking a number of Christian people, like the killing of Alaa Basheer last week and the abduction of another young man whose kidnapped four days ago and nothing known about him yet.
  Rafy Behnam, a Christian from Mosul, emphases that the spreading of police in front of the churches in Mosul is not effective and it is, in fact, bothers the prayers instead of protecting them.
  Al-Najafy put the responsibility on the previous local government in the city for not to be firm in dealing with the crimes that occurred to the Christian people in the city.