The Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council (CSAPC) in Germany denounces irresponsible statement by Assyrian intellectuals and Scholars

Dresden / Germany
We received a statement from a group that falsely and boastfully calls itself the Federation of Assyrian Intellectuals and Scholars in Europe (FAIS), containing a number of lies and fallacies, and in a miserable and hopeless attempt to deform the good human relations between the good German people and our CSA people through their scathing attack on one of the German institutions that is very active in supporting and helping peoples in their plights, particularly our CSA people recently. We are sure the German Institute for Foreign Affairs is quite aware of such slanders by such extremists who even failed to mention their address in their statement.
At the same time we categorically denounce what is mentioned in statement stressing our deep and brotherly relations and common struggle with our Kurdish friends in Kurdistan Region (KR) / Iraq. We also congratulate our Kurdish friends on the occasion of Nawrose festivals and highly appreciate the positive stance of the Kurdish people in supporting the demands of our people in enjoying an autonomous region in Kurdistan in Aticle 35 of the constitution of KR.
The initiative made by the President of Iraq Mr. Jalal Talabani to establish a governorate for the Christian community in the Plain of Nineveh is undoubtedly a reply to such allegations and lies mentioned in the sinister statement made by the group.
Such practices by extremists from any intellectual, ethnic or sectarian groups that are expressive of their dark and empty thinking will end up like those of their predecessors who were damned by history and ended up in the garbage of history for ever.
Long live the human relations among the peace loving nations and blessed are the peace makers in the dear Mesopotamian land.
Kamel Zozo
The CSAPC in Germany