The body of a Christian man was found strangle in Kirkuk – Kirkuk – Exclusive
By: Emad Matty
The sources of in Kirkuk reported that the body of Emmanuel Hanna Paules was found an hour ago, the body showing sign of strangulation.
The sources said the body of Paules who was born in 1951 found in the area of Baghdad road near Al-Waleed high school.
The sources added the body of Paules was found in a misery conditions with long beard and disorganized and torn clothes.
It’s worth mentioning that the body of Paules is the second corpse found in Kirkuk this morning. The police had found the body of another citizen brought from Irbil to his death in Kirkuk.
In addition, three Christian hunters were abducted last week while on hunting trip and till now nothing is known about them. The abductors of these people are not known and nobody knows any details about them.
It should be mentioned that the series of targeting Christian people is still ongoing. The violence against Christians in Kirkuk is not only targeting them by kidnapping and killing, but also extended by bombing of two churches last August.
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