The Australian Government says it hopes a diplomatic standoff has been resolved over a delayed survey of the battlegrounds of Gallipoli.

The survey, aimed at protecting vital archaeological relics, had been put on hold by the Turkish government.
 The Turks objected to an Australian government minister attending the unveiling of a statue in Sydney which the Turkish government said was insulting.
 The monument commemorates 750,000 people whom Assyrians claim were killed during World War I in an act of genocide. Turkey says this never happened and that they died as a result of military action.
 It subsequently refused visas to the New Zealand and Australian members of a joint study.
 Australia’s Foreign Ministry says its embassy in Ankara has held talks with the Turkish Foreign Ministry.
 The Australian ministry understands an agreement was reached for the Turks to grant visas to experts scheduled to do the work – although the Turks have made no formal announcement.
 The New Zealand Government is refusing to be drawn into the row. The office of New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister says the dispute is between Australia and Turkey and he will not make any comment.