The Assyrian Universal Alliance Participation in the 96th Anniversary Armenian Genocide Commemoration

for-immediate-release-armenian-commom-april-2011-2.jpg22st April, 2011
The Assyrian Universal alliance “Australian & New Zealand Region” was formally invited to attend the annual Armenian memorial celebrations commemorating the mass killings committed by the Turks under the Ottoman rule during the First World War against the Christian Nations of Anatolia made up of the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks in the period from 1915 to 1923. Representatives from the Assyrian Universal Alliance attended the celebrations held on the 18-19 April, 2011. The First such celebration was held at Ryde Civic Hall, and the Second at the NSW Parliament in Sydney. The occasion was well supported by Australian dignitaries and a large crowd. The Keynote address on both days was delivered by Dr. Robert Kaplan, Clinical Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine, University of Wollongong. Dr Kaplan Undertook to achieve international recognition of the Armenian Genocide inclusive of all those who equally suffered a similar fate in the Near East. The focus of his address was „Allow our dead to rest: what the Armenian Genocide means to the world‟.
The delegation of the Alliance was made up of; Mr. Hermiz Shahen, Regional Secretary of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, in Australian & New Zealand, Mr. David David, Secretary of the Assyrian Universal Alliance-Australian Chapter and Mr. Simon Essavian, President of the Assyrian Australian National Federation . Also in Attendance were Messrs, Benyamin Benyamin, Nenos Nissan, Benyamin Jabro, Ninos Aaron, Danny Rouel and Mr. Lorence Daryoush.
The participation of the Assyrian Universal Alliance in such occasions is borne out of a sincere belief in the importance of unifying all efforts towards gaining international recognition and bringing pressure to bear upon the Turkish Authorities to admit the mass killings &/or genocide committed against the defenceless Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. Assyrian presence in such occasions has had its serious and clear impact towards building strong and meaningful relationships with our Armenian