The assault by police officer on a young man from Baghdeeda – Exclusive
 Major Shamel is one of Nineveh police officers. He, with his bodyguards and armed friends, assaulted one of Baghdeeda young men on Wednesday, the 13th of October 2010.
  Our sources in Baghdeeda mentioned that the assault took place in front of everyone. The officer and his guards beat severely the young man by using their rifle wooden part (Akhmas). The action causes the immediate transfer of the victim to Al-Hamdania hospital for the treatment of the deep wound in his head.
  The sources said the young man (the victim) is the son of the Brigadier general Faris Zeki who holds a senior position in Nineveh police. The sources added the assault by this officer is not the first one; he always conducts with his guards and friends provocations and assaults on the citizens of Baghdeeda. Therefore, many complains were raised against him but without any respond.
  The sources added, this officer had put barriers in the area where he live, at the entrance of the town of Kara Kosh from the road leading to Karamlase, and his guards inspect all the vehicles and pedestrians passing from there.
  Many people from the region complained from the difficulties that they faced when entering through this road to visit their friends and relatives in the area, and many of them described it as military region, calling the authorities to remove these barriers and obstacles.