The arresting of Nineveh governor advisor Maan Ajaj on charges of supporting terrorism – Mosul – Exclusive
A source in Nineveh governorate office said that Iraqi army forces raided at dawn on Tuesday, 26th October 2010, the house of a high level Christian employees working in the office of Nineveh governorate.
  The source, who declined to be named, added to the site of that the army forces raided the house of Maan Ajaj, located in Alandolus neighborhood in the left bank of the city of Mosul, and arrested him on charges of supporting terrorism.
  The source mentioned that Ajaj (engineer) is currently working as an advisor to the governor for the affairs of Nineveh Plain and referred to the presence of some attempts to release him.
  It should be mentioned that Ajaj was an officer in the former Iraqi army and senior member of the Baath Party.