The arrest of Namrood Sheaba less than one hour after release him on bail by the court–Exclusive.

The solicitor of the arrested Namrood Sheaba said that his client was arrested again less than one hour after the court released him on bail on Thursday the 20th of August 2009. He added, that his client is waiting to continue his examination in five subjects; otherwise his registration will close (he will be fired).
  The solicitor, Binyamen Yako Neasan, added in his talk to “” that his client Sheaba was at the barber shop and was surprised to be asked to go to the Police station after the court release him on bail this morning after finishing all the legal processes in the presence of the sponsor.
  Yako added, “on arriving the Police station, we informed that there is new order for arresting Mr. Sheaba because the impleader asked for dropping of the release decision”. He explained, “That the impleader pretends the articles written by Namrood Sheaba of defamation and swearing against him, his family and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, to whom he is belong, were spread widely on the electronic websites. Some of those articles published on Hawlaty sit which gave the case political relations and appearance”. He mentioned, “the Judge respond to the impleader claim and delete the on bail release decision and issued an order to arrest my client”, referring to all these as surprising things as the case don’t deserve such complication and exaggeration.
  The solicitor added, “The case transfer to the Assaish court to take a political form and the court will look at it on Sunday because of the week end on Friday and Saturday. Mentioned, also, that Namrood examinations start on Sunday which made the problem more complicated. He said, “We are doing our best to obtain a decision from the court allowing Namrood continuing his examinations”, and this is a legal thing.
The official site of the “Democratic Assyrian movement” (Zoaa) mentioned the arrestment of Mr. Sheaba on the 6th of August 2009 in the town of Alamadia as a result of his political thoughts and his interception with the interfering of the person responsible for the second branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the election process and asking to vote for the list of People Council.