The approval for the establishment of a Technical Agricultural College in Baghdeeda – Baghdad
The Secretary General of the Assyrian Democratic Movement and the member of Iraqi Parliament, Yonadem Kanna, said that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has approved the establishment of a college in Baghdeeda-Al-Hamdania town in Nineveh Plain. He added, this act represent a first step among the efforts we are doing for the establishment of a University in the region.
  Kanna added in a report announced on the official web site of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, that the Ministry instructed the competent authorities for the establishment of Technical Agricultural College in Al-Hamdania instead of the city of Mosul. He said this is a good step despite the fact that it came late, but it must be followed by other steps to complete the structure of higher education in the region. He also said all the requirements for higher education are available in the region, including the students and the high level of efficient teaching staff that hold academic degrees in various disciplines.
  The letter of the Director General of studies and planning, Dr. Khamis Al-Delaimi, directed to the Office of Technical Education, indicates that an approval was obtained to establish Technical Agricultural College in Al-Hamdania instead of the city of Mosul.
  It should be mentioned that Christian students in Nineveh Plain have been targeted for several times by terrorist. These actions against them resulted in obstructing their studies. The last attack was the targeting of the buses transferring Baghdeeda students to the University of Mosul near the end of the last semester.