Tensions flare during visit from Iraq ambassador

News Digital Team

EL CAJON, Calif. – Tensions flared as Iraqi ambassador Lukman Faily spoke to Iraqi-Americans in El Cajon on Saturday.

The meeting was conducted in Arabic.10News was told some did not agree with what the ambassador had to say about the growing crisis in Iraq and what should be done next.

Faily left early and refused to speak with 10News, but local leaders filled us in on what he said.

“He was saying that the White House was very hesitant in sending troops,” said national Chaldean spokesman Mark Arabo. “What we’ve said is use airstrikes, give the Iraqi government intelligence, but the Iraqis need to be able to stamp out ISIS once and for all.”

Ben Kalasho, who is with the Chaldean-American Chamber of Commerce, told 10News, “He likened ISIS to a virus and in order to cure it, you have to not only cure the virus but to figure out why you got the virus in the first place.”

Kalasho says the ambassador told those in attendance that barbarism in Iraq is at an all-time high and at a level they have never seen before.

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