Tawakkol Karman says to the Security Council : Saleh must quit politics.

Nobel peace prize laureate Tawakkol Karman has highly praised the President and members of the UN Security Council for the genuine efforts they have been exerting to maintain Yemen’s security and stability and to make the transition of power a success.

Addressing the meeting, which the Council’s members held on Sunday with the members of the technical committee on the preparation for the national dialogue, Karman said that the visit, which the UN members paid to Yemen was highly significant, as it sends out a strong message that any attempt to block the transfer of power will be deemed an intolerable blunder as well as a crime that would invite disastrous consequences if left unpunished.
She pointed out that the visit came a few days after President Hadi issued decrees shaking up the army and security services, maintaining that the enforcement of such resolutions can never be obstructed, as they are internationally backed.
She stressed the importance of passing a resolution forcing Saleh to quit politics, as his stay in Sana’a with billions of dollars being in his possession would only impede transition in the country.
Karman demanded the creation of an international panel to investigates into the killing of peaceful protestors and bring the perpetrators of forced disappearances and arrests to account.
She further affirmed the importance of finalizing the shake-up of army by appointing commanders to the seven military regions based on competence and honesty.

The rights activist-turned-politician urged the remerging and redeployment of the southern army which was demobilized and forced into retirement on the heels of the 1994 war.
The southern question must be justly resolved, and the effects of Sa’ada war addressed, while the Houthi group should be turned into a political party that gives up weapons to the government which has the exclusive right to own and use weaponry, Karman concluded.
Speech of Tawakkol Karman to the UN security council meeting in Sana’a:

Honorable members of the UN Security Council,

Ladies and gentlemen present,

Peace be upon you,

On behalf of our people and great youth, please let me hail your interest in my country and your keenness to maintain its stability and unity, and to make a very successful transition of power. This is evidenced in your periodic follow-up of the Yemeni question, coupled with the extraordinary follow-up and attention shown by the UN Secretary General represented by his own envoy to Yemen , Mr. Jamal Bin Omar.

This visit has a great significance to it, as it suggests that Yemen is of high importance to the world whose stability and interests are closely linked to the country’s progress and prosperity. Your visit sends out a clear message that any obstruction to the transition of power in Yemen is impermissible blunder, a crime that would invite catastrophic consequences if went unpunished.

Honorable members,

Your visit comes a few days after President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi has issued significant decrees reshuffling the military and security apparatuses. The timing of the visit suggests that such decrees are internationally backed, that any disruption to them won’t be tolerated, and that any attempt to foil them will be viewed as a risky haphazard and unreasonable act that you won’t tolerate.

It is understandable that this important visit comes weeks ahead of the forthcoming national dialogue; therefore, it is reminiscent of the fact that you will lend your support to the conference. Yet, we are impatiently awaiting your confirmation that you are closely observing the holding of this event, and that you would sponsor and guarantee the implementation of its conclusions.

Honorable members,

At this historic and decisive moment, I am driven by the sense of national responsibility to say that the stability of Yemen and the success of the transition of power largely hinge on the following significant procedures :

-1The departure of Ali Abdullah Saleh from the political life, as Saleh’s stay in Sana’a, with billions of dollars , which he plundered during decades of abusing power, would impede the transfer of power.

Though the GCC-brokered deal, its implementation mechanism and UN Security Council resolutions envisaged the departure of Saleh and his family from power and politics in general, and despite the fact the deal has granted him immunity from prosecution, Saleh is still leading the General People’s Congress (GPC) to take revenge at the political and public life in Yemen.

Honorable members,

Our people and great youth are waiting for your resolutions to openly bind Saleh not only to step aside as the chairman of the GCC, but also to quit politics once and for all, or else the transition will

either fail or stall at best.

2-Passing extra resolutions supplementing those on the shake-up of the army, and naming the commanders of the seventh military regions based on competence and honesty. This is should be coupled with the redeployment of army brigades , naming their commanders in accordance with recognized and applicable criteria, in addition to remerging and reshuffling the Southern army which was demobilized and forced to retire in the wake of the 1994 war.

3-proceeding with the sponsorship of the national dialogue in order to draft a new constitution for the country, and fairly resolve the southern question in a way that satisfies southerners, besides addressing the effects of the six rounds of war that broke out in Sa’ada, ensuring that the transformation of the Houthi group into a political party that gives up weapons to the government which has an exclusive right to own and use weaponry.

Honorable members,

I finally would like to remind you that the killers of peaceful protestors , and the perpetrators of enforced disappearances and arrests are still free, as they haven’t yet brought to justice. Therefore, we demand that you set up an international investigation committee to probe into such atrocities based on your resolutions 2014 and 2051 that recommended the formation of a panel to investigate into the heinous crimes committed against the peaceful protestors during the peaceful popular youth revolution.

Thank you all.

Tawakkol Karman
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate