Talal Graish Takes Center Stage among Assyrian Music Giants

talal-graish.jpgHelen Talia / Chicago
From pop-culture icon Talal Graish comes X Love, an album unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Produced by Jam Music Productions, and featuring numerous notable writers and musicians, X Love is the result of the collision of two great creative forces ~ a surprisingly folklore-driven, lyrically-potent collection of songs to enlighten and entertain.

Throughout X Love, Graish’s own insightful voice is masterfully woven into perfect pop and folklore melodies. Giving Graish a hand on the project in an incredible lineup of heavyweight lyricists and musicians, including Ashur Bet-Sargis, Wilson Lilu, Macksud Ishaia, Sargon Esha, and Yousip Menashi.

Highlights include the poignant “Goreh D’Tyareh,” penned by Amir Younan, with “Goza,” authored by Nabeel Graish, the brilliant “Darga D’Khane,” destined to become a classic folklore, also by Nabeel Graish, “Khubanekhwa” by Dawod Barkho, featuring duet vocals with Ramsen Sheeno, and closing track, “Athra D’Babi,” written exclusively for this project by Dr. Benyamen Hadad.

In addition, there is Graish’s tight-knit musical ensemble ~ Dani Shamoon, Namir David, Robert Younan, Rami Youssef, Ashur Shlemon, Laith Yousif, Robert Ishak, Adel Graish ~ United States, and Eyup Hamis, Yasar Taner, Kempa Group, Bulent (Kirpi) ~ Istanbul, Turkey. “These guys are incredibly gifted in their own rights,” says Graish, “but over the last few years, we’ve grown into something much more than the sum of our parts. We got into something deep, and I’m just knocked out by their ability to stretch and morph into whatever style I want to delve into.”

Talal Graish, pronounced Gra-I-sh, is a native of Canada, whose birthplace is marked in Iraq, with origins in Alqosh ~ Aramaic for The God of Righteousness, the notorious ancient Assyrian village in Northern Iraq, known for its rich culture and history, predating Christianity, into Sumer. The village’s survival of thousands of years has a stronghold in Christianity, with infamous sites such as Rabban Hermizd Monastery, where it housed the original Patriarchal seat for eleven consecutive Patriarchs of the Church of The East. “Toma Tomas” ~ this song is inspired by the esteemed Assyrian patriot Toma Tomas.” Graish said he exclusively chose this song and its title as homage to his origins.

The daring and spark infuse of Raweh, the soul of Assyrian sounds, in “Goreh D’Tyareh.” To date, Raweh is the oldest traditional Assyrian song, and the most difficult to sing, given its many ranges of octaves. Graish’s brave induction of Raweh in his melodies is a treat and a rarity, parting from, well, the usual “Mawal” that many of our recording artists seem to be fixated on. Raweh and Liliana, the then widely spread celebratory practices in the Tyareh region of Hakkari. Today, they are as equally cultivated in especially wedding celebrations.

“Olinweh, Olinweh, Olinweh… Da Thele B’Khanet Kaiad D’Be Hameka”
For Talal Graish, this new album represents the marriage between two Assyrian dialects ~ Athurnayeh o’ Caldanayeh. Known throughout his young career for unearthing great new sounds, this young talent has once again gathered an inspiring batch of songs collaborating with some relatively known artists. This album’s dedication, by the way, is to the Assyrian nation in Beth-Nahrain and throughout the world.

Combining these forces in the third release from this young Assyrian Hall-of-Famer, exclusivity is given to his genuine touch of musical talent, ever to bear the credit. Such fearlessness may be the result of the spirit and excitement of Generation X. The evidence can be heard throughout the 11-track album ~ savoring lyrics, enchanted melodies, and profound articulation of manifold Assyrian dialects mesmerizes the listener to continue to tune in.

In between albums and family matters, Talal keeps up his customary busy schedule within the circle of his family and friends. Since the release of X Love, he has been busy touring in California, Chicago, Canada, and throughout Europe. He is also scheduled to appear in numerous community and humanitarian projects to help organize benefits, and continue searching for great new material.
X Love bears heavy emotional lifting, is a reflection of Graish’s mindset. It keeps the kind of spontaneity that makes the music fresh and alive.

Visit album website www.talalmusic.ca