Syrians celebrate the pact between Turkey and the US to suspend the offensive: “His blood has not been shed in vain”

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A Syrian child rides his bike through the city of Tal Abyad. Bakr ALKASEM AFP The local population could not hide their desire to put an end to the last military fray suffered by Syria

Peace Spring. Turkey and the US agree to temporarily suspend the offensive in Syria Syrian opponent. “The Kurds are the losers of this crisis” Thousands of people went out to the streets most of the Syrian populations of the autonomous region installed in the northeast of the country to celebrate the pact of the harassment that interrupted the offensive launched by Turkey. In the town of Hasaka dozens of cars were They gathered around the Assyrian Church Square, in the center of the town, between repeated shootings in the air and young people dancing in the surroundings.The general joy does not hide the enormous doubts that this pact raises that has already been received with great suspicions by the Kurdish forces, which will have to make serious concessions.Saleh Muslim, the former leader of the Democratic Unin Party – the political arm of the Kurdish militias – warned that his followers “will defend themselves if they are attacked.” of fire and another thing is surrender. We are willing to defend ourselves. We will not accept the occupation of northern Syria, “he said in statements to a local broadcaster. Leave us the details of this treaty, the population n local could not hide his desire to put an end to the terrible military fray suffered by Syria. “We want to live together with the Arab, Christians and the rest of the minorities. This is a celebration in memory of the thousands of deaths that we have. His blood has not been shed in vain “said Oger, a 25-year-old Kurdish militant who attends the roar in the streets. Others, such as Bashir, 50, admit their reluctance for the forces of Bashar Asad is deployed in this territory. “the most important thing is to maintain the rights we have Kurds. What the regime did has been much worse than what Turqua has done, “he said. According to the criteria of The Trust Project Learn more JAVIER ESPINOSA admin