Syrian security forces stopped the celebrations of the Assyrian Democratic Organization on the occasion of its anniversary – Syria – Exclusive
The Assyrian Democratic Organization condemned the behavior of the patrolling Syrian security services for the cessation ceremony organized by the Organization on the occasion of its founding anniversary.
  The Organization said in a “statement” issued on the 15th of this month, of which a copy was received by the site of, the security forces insisted on the implementation of its decision to ban the celebration, despite the many attempts made to convince them of the importance of continuity.
 The Organization added the behavior of the security forces has raised the ire of the audience, where many of them traveled from all parts of Syria and the countries of the Diaspora. The Organization referred to such act as it will not serve the national interest, but harms the reputation of the country, and added this will not discourage them from continuing with the same efforts and determination in their national peaceful, public and patriotic struggle.