Syriacs to visit for liturgy in historical church

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Syriac Christians hailing from many countries will gather for a liturgy Sunday in the historical Mor Petrus-Mor Paulus Church in the Eastern province of Adıyaman, celebrating the opening of a newly constructed rectory for the metropolitan clergy.

The liturgy will be attended by scores of Syriac Christians not only from across Turkey, but also from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland and the U.S. where many Syriacs had emigrated to in the past. Laki Vingas, a member of the Council of the Foundations General Directorate, will also be present at the ceremony.

The liturgy will be conducted by Melki Ürek, the Metropolitan Bishop of Adıyaman and the surrounding provinces, in the historical Syriac church which was named after saints Peter and Paul, two of Jesus’s 12 apostles.

The church had been in ruins until it was renovated with permission from the Adana Council of Monuments. The new rectory was also constructed after many years of struggling until a permit could be obtained. The funding for the renovation of the church and the construction of the building was provided by donations of Syriac Christians both from Turkey as well as from abroad to the Mor Petrus-Mor Paulus Church Maintenance Repair and Sustenance Association.

The Mor Petrus-Mor Paulus Church was built on the same ground as the centuries old St Virgin Mary Church (Azize Meryem Ana Kilisesi), which collapsed in 1883