Syriacs ask Lebanese Forces leader Geagea to host Iraqi Christians

Syriac leaders say Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea showed willingness to help facilitate host of Iraqi Christians in Lebanon. (AFP/File)
A Syriac delegation met Friday with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea to seek shelter for Iraqi Christians who have been displaced by the advance of Islamist militants.

“We asked Lebanese Forces leader’s help to facilitate the reception of Iraqi refugees, especially after the great tragedy that occurred in the Nineveh Plains through the displacement of about 120,000 Christians,” said Father Musa, the assistant to Syriac Catholic Archbishop Basilious Georges.

Musa said some of those refugees headed to the Kurdistan region, while others came to Lebanon.

He said the Syriacs want the Lebanese government to look into their plight and facilitate their entry at Beirut’s airport like all visitors coming to Lebanon.

Musa said Geagea showed willingness to help.