Syriac Christians of Syria will defend themselves and the Self-Administration against Turkish invasion

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Dear Madam/Sir,
Enclosed you will find a statement of the Syriac-Assyrian Christians of northern Syria.
In this statement we declare that we will defend ourselves with our armed forces if Turkey invades the Democratic Self-Administration in northern Syria. ?Together ?with our Kurdish and Arab neighbours we will resist with all our force against a Turkish intervention.

We point to the fact that these are not only Kurdish areas but a multi-ethnic and multi-religious area in which we together govern ourselves and defend ourselves succesfully against ISIS in our common Syrian Democratic Forces. Yesterday the SDF liberated Shaddadeh from ISIS.

A Turkish attack at the Syrian Kurds will therefore be an attack at millions of people. An attack at Arabs, Kurds and Syriac Christians. A Turkish invasion would be a victory for ISIS as its most important enemy would be attacked by Turkey.

?Our new democracy with equality of men and women, freedom of religion and co-operation between peoples is the solution for Syria and the Middle East. We ask the world not to allow this opportunity to be squandered and to be lost. We hope to bring hope and we ask the world to stand with us.

We hope that our declaration will be spread as wide as possible.

With regards,
Rima Tüzün

Rima Tüzün
ESU – Head of Foreign Affairs

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