Syriac-Assyrians of Syria: welcoming US recognition of self-government principle; urge support against ISIS chemical warfare

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Dear Sir/Madam,
Enclosed you will find our statement as Syriacs of Syria welcoming the new US policy that recognises the need for peoples in Syria to establish self-rule in the areas that resist ISIS or were recently liberated. This policy has last week been announced by US General John Allen as special coordinator for the International Coalition against ISIS.

In order to realise this we ask for military equipment and training for our self-defence and that of our neighbors. In order to maintain our existing self-governance we need to be able to defend ourselves against the violence of ISIS and it’s chemical warfare?.

Finally we ?ask for the recognition of the Democratic Self-Administration, which we as Syriac People created together with the Kurds, Arabs and other peoples in the north of Syria. As explained in the enclosed statement we can only realise in practice self-administration if we work together with our neighbors.

?We hope that this new US policy will be noticed and that its needed consequences will be implemented soon to secure a safe future for our people, our neighbors and all of Syria.

Yours faithfully,
Rima Tüzün

Rima Tüzün
ESU – Head of Foreign Affairs

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