Syriac-Assyrian Christians of Syria tell NATO we will defend us against a Turkish intervention

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Dear Sir/Madam,
In light of the NATO meeting of Tuesday at the request of Turkey we send you the enclosed statement of the Syriac-Assyrian Christians of Syria.
Together with our Kurdish, Arab and other neighbours we created the Democratic Self-Administration (DSA) that now provides freedom, democracy, safety and stability for all the peoples in Northern Syria who resisted ISIS or were recently liberated from these terrorists.

We have created our self-defence force, the Syriac Military Council, that is growing quickly and is fighting against ISIS together with the YPG (Kurds), Sanadid (Arabs) and Free Syrian Army (Euphrates Vulcano division). So far we have been together the most successful force against ISIS.

We urge NATO not to give in to any attempt or demand from Turkey to attack the Kurds in Syria. Any attack at our common Democratic Self-Administration will unavoidable become an attack on all our peoples and we all will rise up to defend ourselves against any attack from Turkey. Please note that our peoples live very mixed side by side.

The war against ISIS cannot be an excuse to complicate everything in Syria even more and create a situation that ultimately favours ISIS.

We hope NATO will ask Turkey not to destroy all progress against ISIS and restart peacetalks with the Kurds/PKK.

Yours faithfully,
Rima Tüzün