Swedish government rejects parliament’s resolution on recognition of so-called Armenian genocide

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“Without a research, a country cannot be accused of committing genocide”
Baku – APA. The Swedish government has passed a decision on the groundlessness of the Swedish parliament’s resolution dated 2010 on the so-called Armenian genocide without conducting a research, Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported.
According to the government’s decision, a country cannot be accused of committing genocide without conducting a research. The government announced that a decision will be made according to the review of the independent committee.

Spokesman for Swedish Foreign Ministry Erik Boman said that measures will be taken in accordance with the results of historians’ research on the issue. Erik Boman said that the ministry has begun to take measures in this regard and a decision will be passed after the completion of the research.

The government’s statement has disappointed Armenian and Assyrian lobbying organizations in Sweden. Chairman of the Assyrian Federation of Sweden Afram Yakub told Swedish public television (SVT) that Prime Minister Stefan Löfven didn’t fulfill pre-election promises he gave in September last year. He said with regret that the PM didn’t attend events on so-called “genocide”.

The parliament’s resolution was adopted by a one-vote margin on the joint project of Swedish opposition Social Democratic and Green Party in 2010. The failure to implement the decision caused protests of Armenian and Assyrian lobbies.