Swedish-Assyrian journalist testified massacre of Christians in the Middle East in a hearing in the European Union

My name is Nuri Kino, I’m a researcher, an author, a filmmaker, a human rights advocate. I have been trusted to be the voice of many as I stand here before you today, and I take that responsibility very seriously. I speak for the surviving relatives and friends that a week ago uncovered two separate mass graves in Sadad, a ancient Syrian Christian town. And to the thirty Christian civilians that were found in those graves, including women and children. To the family, six persons, that were found in a well, shot in their heads. And for those missing who still are to be found.

We, the Assyrian delegation, are here today to give you the truth about what is happening to Assyrians and other Christians in parts of the Middle East. A truth that is gathered on tousands of interviews, actually the last ones were done last night.

Syria. We are dying over there. We are being raped, persecuted and tortured. And our homes and land are being occupied.

We are followers of Jesus. When he lived among us, he refused to accept injustice, lies and persecution. That made a lot of people hate him. But it’s not as followers of one profet, one God or a religion the Christians of Syria should be looked at, they should be considered as what they are: A persecuted native minority.

The last days, while preparing our reports and speeches, we realized that – at the bottom line – it is all about one question. Are you OK with the fact that your tax money might be used to massacres in Syria?

And are you ok with whatever comes next. A brutal Jihadist regime, that in the best case will force all Syrians that not want a fundamentalist leadership out of the country for good?

If you think the world is out of ideas when it comes to Syria, We’re here to tell you we’re not. If you think you’re powerless. We’re here to prove you wrong. Force the founders of terrorism, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to protect non-Muslims in Syria. Redraw European tax money that goes to al-Nusra and other extremists.

And if any of you have just given up on the mess that is the Middle East and that there’s nothing you can do, that’s fine. But then you can not call yourselfes leaders of the free world.

Because we will not stop to speak out for Mary who was draged out of her house for being an Assyrian activist. She was pushed on the ground in the middle of the street and shot in the head. Then the killers shouted that whoever would touch the corpse would also be killed. The same night dogs started to eat on her body. We will not stop to talk about the Assyrian girls that are kidnapped and forcibly converted and married to Jihadists.
We know for sure that in some places, the rebels do not want to openly show that they are against non-Muslims or even moderate Muslims. They don’t want their sponsors to stop arming them and sending them aid. Therefore, they let some ”kaffars” or infidals as they call us to remain in areas that they take over. Then they kill us one by one, causing the rest of us to flee voluntarily, so it doesn’t appear as if they are committing a massacre.
City after city is being emptied by Christians. On the eve of Syria’s civil war, more than 200 Assyrian families, 1,000 individuals, lived in Tabqa. Nearly all of them have left the country, some of them are stranded all over the world, even in Tchad in Africa, abonded by cynical smugglers who failed to get them to Europe.
Three Assyrian families had remained in Tabqa. The rebels told them that they would not be harmed. The remaining Assyrians were poor, and were trying to maintain what little they had. One of them was 26 years old Ninar Odisho, that handsome man.
Ninar was killed, brutaly murdered by the terrorists. The reason we could find on his body. They burnt a cross into his face. That cross is symbolizing the ongoing persecution in Syria. Every day we get reports on atrocities. Our clergymen have been kidnapped and killed, our sisters and brothers have been raped and beheaded. Our nation and our religion is bleeding. Why? Because we don’t want to convert to Islam.
100 years after 1915, when we lost 2/3 of our people to the sword of Jihad, we are on the brink of another Genocide. Yesterday I spoke to a priest who cried out his fear ”what is it that you can’t see? Please, please, I beg you, be our voice, be the voice of the slaughtered women and children before it’s to late. They are here from more then 30 other countries to establish an Islamic state that leaves no room for us.” The priest was one of the people that just found 6 Christians, all from the same family in a well, shot in their heads. A family that the villagers thought had fled. Now they are fearing more massgraves will be found.
We are asking you to help us before it’s to late.