Suzan Ezaria’s New Music Video

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If you have yet to hear about Suzan Ezaria one of the rising stars in our music industry well here’s a little background to go on:
Suzan Ezaria is a rising star from Sydney Australia with a very high performing arts qualification and experience. Since 1991 she has been performing singing, acting and dancing from her mother country Iraq. Once Migrated to Auckland New Zealand Suzy took time off performing however she entered the world of teaching Assyrian youth her mother language Assyrian as she is fluent in reading and writing Aramaic. In 2004 she moved to Sydney and her career in the Arts Industry kicked off. She joined the Assyrian Radio Station, reported for Assyrian TV channels, performed in Assyrian music video clips, Assyrian church stage live plays, a top role in an Arabic Iraqi Movie and now she has accomplished her ultimate dream of recording an Assyrian Album. She is a beautiful person inside out with a strong passion for Art.
She released her very first album last year “Nesyana Khata” , thus far done extremely well in sales, and her popularity and demand keeps growing as more of the world comes to discover her. Today she released her very first music video which I’m delivering to you for airplay, the video is in HD 1080, so downloading it will take awhile as it’s almost 1gig , That is a link to my drop box
once you’ve opened the link there is a download function on the bottom right hand side or use the right click option to save the video.

Here’s the Youtube to watch It online:

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