Sumerian Religion Studies | Foundations of Anunnaki Babylonian Mardukite Tradition

thumbnail_image.jpgAfter the “Year-1″ Mardukite tablet materials (Liber N,L,G,9) had been compiled into the “Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible” in 2009 to form the ‘research core’ from which to base the next several years of ‘Chamberlains‘ work, the “Year-2″ cycle of materials presented an ever ‘broader’ perspective of analysis for the Babylonian Anunnaki movement, looking deep into the desert sands of Mesopotamia to uncover the pre-Babylonian Sumerian Anunnaki legacy.

This new revolutionary synthesis of the Sumerian tablet records with the famous ones of post-Sumerian Babylonia (the infamous Akkadian and Assyrian works most commonly referenced for Mesopotamian histories and examination) formed and even more complete picture to what was already so wide-angle that it ended up driving many of the original research and development team into solitude.

SUMERIAN RELIGION (LIBER-50), now available to the public for nearly 2 years, has become our most widely sought after and globally distributed materials following the “Anunnaki Bible”. The materials from this, as well as the remaining libros of Year-2 (Liber-51, Babylonian Myth & Magic; and Liber-R, Necronomicon Revelations) were also compiled together to form a matching ‘anthology’ to the “Necro Bible” titled: “Gates of the Necronomicon“.
Magan Magick, Enuma Elis, Babylonian Myth & MagicFor those fans, Mardukite or otherwise, of the “Sumerian Religion” stand-alone volume, the recent Mardukite Truth Seeker Press release of Liber-E: MAGAN MAGIC: SUMERIAN RELIGION & THE BABYLONIAN TABLETS OF CREATION (ENUMA ELIS) would seem to compliment the seeker-readers studies with the previous volume — an advanced incorporation of the ‘practical’ elements alluded to in “Sumerian Religion“.

MAGAN MAGIC is the first volume a specially designed trilogy dedicated to the concise practical applications of Sumerian Religion, Babylonian Magick and the Anunnaki Mystery Tradition of Mesopotamia (simultaneously released by the Mardukite Chamberlains as “Necronomicon Spellbook I: Magan Tablets of Magick & Creation” or Liber-E).
maqlu maklu magic magick necronomicon spellbook joshua freeMAQLU MAGIC is the second volume in this new series-cycle; the previously unpublished conclusion to the “M-Tablets” of the Mardukite Chamberlains, found within the “Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible“, now available to the public in conjunction with the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press edition as “Liber-M: The New MAQLU Translation” and simultaneously released by the Mardukites as “Necronomicon Spellbook II: The Magick of the Maqlu” Order your copy of the collector’s edition of Liber-M NECRONOMICON SPELLBOOK II today from the necrogate and save 15% using promo code: FHTUX96R.

“Having completed the core of the work related to the exploration of the Anunnaki legacy in Mesopotamia – a cycle of materials known in some ‘mardukite’ circles as the Necronomicon Anunnaki Legacy – it became clear given the influx of correspondence and contact that rose from the public distribution of this material that has resulted in a recent ‘return’ to our ‘sources’ for further examination.” (from the preface to Liber-E)
Necronomicon Spellbook Anunnaki Babylonian Sumerian Joshua Free“Unlike the predecessor in this specific series (cycle) of companion texts to the ‘greater legacy’, released on Samhain 2011 as Maqlu Magic (with a subsequent edition release for the ‘Mardukite Chamberlains’ as Necronomicon Spellbook II), the current volume, Magan Magic, is based on work that was translated prior for its original inclusion into the core (as found in the Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible) but which is actually – chronologically – an antiquated primer that would be necessary for the proper execution of the Maqlu and other Anunnaki specific workings – whether simply for an understanding or with the intent to use.” (Liber-E)
Gates of the Necronomicon Sumerian Religion Babylonian Magick“Although the core ‘source’ materials that form the true ‘basis’ for the modern revival interest into the Anunnaki and Babylonian (Mardukite) reconstruction stand unchanged, the nature of the questions raised by both the internal ‘Councils‘ and ‘Chamberlains-circles‘ of the ‘mardukites’ actually shows that more ‘information’ was necessary – that the deeper meanings and uses of ‘that which hath been given’ still remained buried in the desert sands of the ancient Near East as well as in the depths of our own minds. As such, the need or ‘call’ for a more ‘exploratory’ approach was made and thus been answered in a widely celebrated serial (cycle) of ‘Sumerian Religion & Babylonian Magick‘ in a way the modern world has never before had access to – brought to life and restored by those with an ‘inside’ perspective not typically found in the surface world of academics or esoterica.” (Liber-E)

“The seeker-readership of the ‘mardukite’ materials (which began to circulate underground as they are known today in 2008 and 2009) has grown from a private inner-circle, to dozens, hundreds and now even thousands. What’s more; the true appreciation by those dedicated to the Mesopotamian Mysteries has not gone unnoticed – for such is impossible as the editor is increasingly approached for further clarification toward understanding what can be found among our most noted and circulated of materials: Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible (Year 1 – Liber N,L,G,9 anthology), the Gates of the Necronomicon anthology containing Year 2 materials better known as: Sumerian Religion (Liber 50), Babylonian Myth & Magic (Liber 51) and Necronomicon Revelations (Liber R) – all of which are available in individual volumes as well. The initial attempts of the ‘mardukite’ “Council of Nabu-Tutu” to provide concise companions to this work for our most valued seekers resulted in Mardukite Guardians of the Gates (GoG), a study-guide for group leaders and solitary practitioners, in addition to its follow-up, Mardukite Wizards of the Wastelands (WoW), which along with The Book of Marduk by Nabu (Tablet/Liber-W), sought to provide the ‘greater world’ with an inside-look at how the internal Mardukite Home Office had conducted its own research and experimentation that was resulting in the production of this wave of libros so exponentially.”

“But apparently even this has not been sufficient for many seekers to glean the true beauty and complexity of how this all began… where our roots are actually planted!“

“The intention in this ‘serial’ is not to overwrite what has come before – but to enhance it in addition to one’s appreciation, understanding and ability to use it (if so desired). Maqlu Magic (Liber-M) ‘could’ be said to replace the corresponding M-Tablet Series of the Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible. Given that they were untranslated from their original incorporation, such would ‘seem’ wholly appropriate. The systematic approach the current project is significantly different.” (Liber-E)
Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible Joshua Free“Maqlu Magic – also released as Necronomicon Spellbook II is dedicated to a ‘single’ series of cuneiform tablets existent in the Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible – the M-Series. It is also perhaps the ‘largest’ single section of the volume, and it is dedicated to a specific purpose, or rather – ceremony, known as the MAQLU or Burnings. The current volume – Magan Magic (simultaneously released as Necronomicon Spellbook I – Magan Magick & The Enuma Elis) is broader in its application; in fact, it contains the necessary prerequisites for effectively enacting the MAQLU, and so is considered a very important Magician’s Primer for understanding the ‘greater mysteries’ as a whole. A dubious seeker-reader will eventually discover in time that all of our materials are interrelated in ways an ‘outsider’ to the ‘legacy’ could never comprehend the magnitude of. But it is not our intent to remain so harshly cryptic, for those who are ready to know should be given their opportunity – and since the distance and time factors of the current age can present so many obstacles toward the widest distribution of the editor’s efforts, the return to ‘book’ format has always proven easiest, most popular and even ‘culturally-relevant’ given the ‘literary’ nature of the mysteries put down by priest-scribes of Babylon.” (from the editor’s preface in Liber-E)