Sullaf Restaurant in Chaldean Town ‘Is Awesome,’ Metro Times Says

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The worn stretch of Seven Mile Road, just east of Woodward, was known in the day as “Chaldean Town,” and for good reason. A big Chaldean population lived there, and the stores, for the most part, were owned by Chaldeans.
Now, many of the Chaldeans have moved, and the commercial stretch is flush with abandoned buildings. It looks like just another depressing, rundown Detroit neighborhood.

Which brings us to Sullaf, an Iraqi restaurant at 814 Seven Mile Rd. that’s praised by Tom Perkins of Metro Times under the headline: “Sullaf Iraqi restaurant is ‘Chaldean-town’s’ last man standing, and it’s awesome.”

Perkins writes:

Sullaf’s kofta logs of ground meat don’t come packed with quite as much parsley and onion as many Lebanese spots, but it’s still there along with heavy hits of cumin and some variation of the classic Middle Eastern cinnamon-allspice-cardamom combo. Momika hangs the kofta on the skewer over the wood-charcoal grill which imparts an intense smoke flavor, and it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without that element.

Ditto for the chicken kebabs, a dish in which sizable cubes of bird are stained pink from sour sumac. The beef shawarma is nothing short of incredible and grainy in texture from the sumac and other spices.