Story Confirmation from Fr. Albert Hisham: Starvation of George Mr. Youssef Jajo and his wife Leila.

george_leila3.jpgFr. Albert Hisham does not only confirms the tragic story (Full story: Click here)  of Mr. Youssef Jajo and his wife Leila. But also the Horrifying circumstances that Christians live which lead to point of closing all the churches in Doura for being surrounded by terrorist groups.

For the same security reason’s the funeral was not held in Doura where they lived but in the church of Karada where Fr. Albert Hisham served the ceremony by receiving their coffins, praying on their souls and hearing the horror stories of many who couldn’t be there to help the couple.

“It is a real tragedy to reach this level, A real human tragedy, we hope that those who have human conscience to pay more attention to the problem and find a solution. Enough … Enough … Enough … Enough of injustice and insults for our Christian people and the people of Iraq. Let us pray for them all”