Stop ethnic and religious persecution of the Christian minority in Iraq

We, on behalf of the representatives of Christian members of the Eastern churches in Denmark, do strongly condemn the actions of threat, kidnapping, killing of innocent individuals and terrorizing of our brothers and sisters in Iraq, besides exercising violence and forcing conversion of Christians to Islam against their will.

We strongly condemn the inhuman acts, such as occupation of houses and properties, bombing and burning of the churches in Baghdad, Mosul as well as kidnapping and killing of the deacons, priests, ministries and bishops, committed by forces of evil and darkness against the Christians in Iraq.

We urge all the Islamic imams, sheikhs and institutions to discredit and publicly condemn the criminal acts committed in the name of Islam against the innocent Christians in Iraq. We demand to condemn the immoral actions which are committed against the faith and teaching of all believers including Islam.

We ask the Iraqi government to protect the Iraqi people especially the Christian minority, the descendants of the country between the Euphrates and Tigris, who have participated in building the cradle of civilization in Mesopotamia.

We urge the UN, EU, amnesty International and other human right organizations, The Arabic League and the Islamic Organization to supply positive influence at the Iraqi Government and the USA administration in order to protect and secure the Iraqi people.

We ask the US government and the American troops in Iraq (Mesopotamia) to act according the UN Security Council resolution 1483 (2003) to undertake the full responsibility of supplying protection and safety for the Iraqi people including the Christian Iraqis.

Let us unite against the evil and darkened forces.
Let us unite against the ethnic and religious cleansing of the Christians from their homeland.
Let us unite against terrorists and violence millets.

Best regard

Representatives for the Iraqi Christians in Denmark
c/o Mejløvænget 31, 8381 Tilst, Denmark

Send to:

Iraqi Government. The Islamic institutions in Iraq. UN. EU Parliament. United Kingdom government. USA government. Australian government. Danish government . Amnesty International. Human rights organizations. The Arab League. The Islamic Organisation and Al-Azhar institution. World Council of Churches. …

Ã…rhus, d. 7. juni 2007