Statement on Nineveh Plain

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The Patriarchate Media
It is unfortunate that the attempt to put a hand on the towns of the Nineveh Plain, through public or concealed struggles is imposing a negative influence on the native people of this land. This sort of “Control / Invasion” is taking away the indigenous legitimate rights, provokes them to emigrate or forcing them to exclude the idea of returning back to their homes.

In spite of the reassuring speeches repeated by Government Officials about respecting the self-determination rights of Christians, the practices on the ground are irritating and disturbing. Most likely by making decisions on their behalf, while the fair solution is to; listen to the voice of indigenous people; respect their right in choosing the right person for the right place at the right time; and consolidate their expressions. As a Church, we confirm that we are fully united with our people in their suffering, fears and hopes.

Therefore, we appeal to politicians and officials to reinforce their decisions with the insight of recognition, rationality and to listen to the indigenous people of every town in the Nineveh Plain. We would like also to maintain the joy of combating ISIS (Daesh) by involving wise representatives of these towns in making civilized decisions, whether for changing administrations or drawing a specific future map for the region, especially that the vision at this period of time is “blurry” and circumstances are confusing.

On the other hand, it is inappropriate to hear suspicious statements from Christians, who are not from the region, yet publicizing different and contradictory calls. However, we call them all to preserve and hold onto their values, roots and ethics of good neighborliness inherited from their honorable civil history.

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