Statement from Bint Alrafidain ORG About the Iraqi parliament vote on the law of parties Parties Low is a new setback in the reality of the Iraqi Women Act

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All segment of Iraqi society is eagerly waiting for the movement of reforms demanded by the people and fill for it the squares of Iraqi cities pretending and protesting, and the resulting reform packages launched by MR. Prime Minister DR. Haider Abadi, which received our support as organization of civil society and the support of masses of protesters and demonstrator.
public pressure supported by the pressing of religious authority and the movement of civil society organizations pushed the Iraqi Parliament ( Council of Representatives) to adopt the reforms movement from his part . Stated in paragraph 9 of them (the legislation of laws that the Constitution provided for the legislation …. “And one of them, special one of these lows is the low of parties who voted by the Council in its session it held on 27 August 2015.
We are in the time that we welcome the adoption of this law, and we see it as a very important document for the organization of the party and political action in Iraq but we show our great reservation and our protest of the status of women in it , especially the provisions of Chapter IV / Article 11 / I of it that do not oblige parties Women’s quota we call for them We seek to install them in this law as part of the requirements to support women’s access to the political process, especially at a time when Iraq has a national plan to activate the Security Council resolution 1325 planned by the Council of Ministers which is to increase and activate the participation of women in decision-making and peace-building sites, where is the vote on this law by Parliament, contrary to what was approved by Iraq within the UN system and its obligations towards them, in addition to the neglect of everything that brought him national plan to activate this decision.
The phrase ( that is taking into account the women’s representation ) shows disregard for the demands of women’s organizations install a quota for women in party leadership and wrap them in a way confirms setback reality of Iraqi women in the political process and a step backward toward reform movement that is supposed to women are beneficiaries of them, and allow political parties the possibility of maneuvering in the involvement of women , as the involvement of one woman in the leadership of any party assume that leadership is made up of twenty people allow the party considered to take account of women’s representation in accordance with the text which we have above.
This is a call by Bint Alrafidain Organization to amend this paragraph and to call for the adoption of a national campaign led by civil society organization and all women’s events and their supporting institutions to review and amend this law in the direction that corrects the track, serve and raise the fact of Iraqi women.