Statement from Bent Al Rafedain Organization on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Babylon / Iraq
While the world celebrates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women we need a unified global standing to solidarity with women everywhere for gaining the right to a decent life, Although long years had been going the UN initiative still as a child, because of there is a fact, that the women still suffering in almost in the majority of the countries around the world, and the violence against the women still besieging their roles in all their surrounding.
So women suffer from domestic violence, and the feminist movement anti-violence suffer from Concrete wall of justifications that make violence Acceptable and naturally, sometimes by the name of religion and sometimes by the name of the customs and traditions. even got to that the Women themselves justify violence against them and defended often.
The political violence is still crushed women in many countries of the world, especially in modern democratic states or countries that suffer from instability or authoritarian regimes as is happening in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and elsewhere.
The sectarian violence still crushes a lot of women and destroyed their lives and the lives of their families in the majority of countries of the world, especially what is happening in Burma, where the women and children there have been subjected to genocide amid scary international silence.
The deteriorating women’s economic, and their inability to engage in the business market or self-reliance through the provision of job opportunities for them, whether in state institutions or the private sector or employed in small businesses of their own is a serious indication of the breadth of the concept (feminization of poverty) to far ranges .
If we compare the level of education and cultural for women in the Arab countries, especially Iraqi women with women in the rest of the world, we will find a big gap and fell seriously at that level, where still the young girl is deprived of continuing education in order to work at home or the field, and often married at an early age and bear large responsibility.
Bent Al Rafedain Organization believes that all institutions, whether international or national, in the Western and the Arab world, governmental and non-governmental organizations, should put serious and credible plans for the advancement of women, and drawing realistic and vital programs for combating all forms of violence directed against women under any pretext or reason, at any place of the world.
So we will work with the possibilities available and simple human and financial resources of the organization that may not seem large, but big and great as it represents the faith issue, the issue of support of women everywhere, especially Iraqi women who have suffered and are still suffering a lot, to open spaces appropriate to enable and develop their capabilities and skills and support the initiatives that will ensure their rights and the most important right to a decent life and cherished.
Bent Al Rafedain Organization hopes to see women in every part of the world during the next few years, gain their rights better, and be able to get the best resources to life through equal and fair opportunities worthy of stature humanitarian and their pioneering role in life.

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