Statement by the Iraqi Democratic Current in San Diego

The breeze of change that swept over Tunisia and Egypt in recent weeks, as well as the heroic uprisings of the popular movements in Yemen, Jordan, Sudan, Bahrain, and Iran have inspired the Iraqi masses to rise up and demand change to the eight years of misery under corrupt sectarian-ethnic power sharing cliques, violations of human rights, deterioration of basic services, high unemployment as well as lack of security. Face book young and independent masses, men and women got together and organized huge rallies all over Iraq demanding that the Government, Parliament and the Presidency take urgent action to tackle the many issues ranging from severe electricity shortages, lack of basic services, unemployment, corruption, persecution of minorities, to the need for respect of personal and social freedoms.
We in the Iraqi Democratic Current declare our firm solidarity with the Iraqi masses and their just demands. We also demand:
1- The government forces stop using force against the demonstrators and respect their freedom of expression and immediately release the courageous demonstrators they detained
2- The resignations of corrupt officials and bringing them to justice
3- Building Iraq on the basis of patriotism, professionalism, competence, integrity and allegiance to a civil constitution and homeland.
4- Urgent action to address the demands of the masses, especially end of eight years of failed sectarian-ethnic rule.
5- Distributing the Iraqi wealth fairly among the Iraqis, especially the poor.
6- Abolishing the high salaries and benefits of the Presidency, the Parliament, the Ministers and other government officials.
7- Drafting a secular constitution that will guarantee human rights.
8- Enacting a fair and democratic election law that will insure wide representation of all sectors of the Iraqi rainbow.
As we reaffirm our full and consistent support and solidarity with the just demands of the brave Iraqi youth, we urge the demonstrators to be vigilant against suspicious attempts to derail the protests from their peaceful nature.
We are proud of our Iraqi youth and we remain confident that justice will prevail.