Statement by his Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly about what is happening by terrorist attacks on the Christians and other people in Mosul

We thank all the media, print, audio and visual, and all workers on the services provided by the delivery of news to its readers, listeners and viewers loved one. We ask them to continue to serve the good and constructive one, and thus better serve the citizen and our beloved Iraq.
  On this occasion, we thank them for transfer of fraternal appeal to the owners of the power and honorable officials and to all our fellow Iraqis loved ones to maintain the lives of their brothers from assassination and killing on the identity, kidnapping and torture in various ways which are forbidden by almighty God and hate by human.
  By preserving the lives of our brothers we bring God blessing on us and raise the towering head of all Iraqis. We all are the sons of one big Iraqi family from northern Iraq to the south and from east to the west. We regret and feel of pain when we hear about killing an Iraqi person in Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, and Kirkuk or anywhere inhabited by people belonging to this large family of Iraq which its members must love one another.
  We appeal to those who commit these criminal acts, killing on identity, planting explosive devices and car bombs, to work from now on for a better Iraq, growing by piety and virtue, saturated with love and brotherhood, forgiveness and tolerance and moving for development and prosperity in all good areas for the Iraqis to be proud. By doing only that, God blessing and offering will shower on our Iraqi large family in every city, town and village and security, stability and peace will be restore in the whole of Iraq.
  On this occasion, we offer condolences to the people and relatives who were victims of the violence that occurred in Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk and everywhere, asking the eternal rest for them and their parent’s condolence and consolation, and for those who committed this violence, forgiveness, tolerance and hope to become good citizen who love their Iraqi brothers and each other.