Some information about the release of ISIS for a number of Christian people abducted from Al-Khabur Villages

  • Written by: – Rebounds – Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement posted on his official website, the Sharia court of ISIS issued an order for the release of 29 Christian people. These people kidnapped by ISIS about a month ago and other 28 abducted on the 23rd of last February during the attack on the Assyrian villages at the country side of the town of Tel Tamer.
The Khabur Guard website confirmed this news and said: The sharia court of the Islamic State issued a release order for the innocently folk of Tel Curran and waiting to release them very soon. They hope for the release of most of the hostages from all the villages of Al-Khabur area. The site said this is what we got from sources close to the Islamic State.
In a related development, an official of the political bureau of the Assyrian Democratic Party, Ninos Esho, had announced on his personal profile in Facebook that there was a telephone call with one of the abducted people from Tel Curran village by his brother.
During the call, the abducted person confirmed to his brother that they are all safe and secure in a place at Mount Abdulaziz near the Syrian Al-Hasakah city, and as the leader in the Assyrian Party said, they are all in good health.
Mr Esho had announced about the arrival of 6 Christian people from the village of Tel Shermiran. He said, the contact with these people was stopped during the control of ISIS militants on the village, 5 of them arrives the town of Tel Tamer and the other one arrived the city of Al-Hasakah. All the 6 people are in good health.
The news on the subject of the release of the abducted people remains conflicting and uncertain until their arrival to their families.
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