Solidarity with the Iraqi People suffering from basic depravation of services

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Iraqi Australian University Graduates Forum
Committee to Defend Human Rights
Sydney – Australia
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19 August, 2018

The Iraq community in Australia witnessed lately violent attack by the Iraqi security forces against civilians demonstrating in the provinces of southern and middle parts of Iraq and in Baghdad demanding basic services. The ongoing shortages of water supply and electricity during the scorching heat waves has triggered mass demonstrations in the cities of Basra, Nasiriya, Diwania, Samawa, Amarah, Kout, Najaf, Karbala, Babylon and in Baghdad.

Massive public rallies and demonstrations are raging in Iraq demanding end to corruption in government that created mismanagement of the country’s basic resources including the supply of water and electricity as well as unemployment. The people of Iraq lost hope in the government to deliver services facing ongoing setbacks that created a situation of distrust and disillusion including the abuse of the use of power supply.

While the rights to demonstrate is in the constitution, the Iraqi security forces have been attacking demonstrators and so far killed more 11 with more than 500 casualties among innocent people on top of ongoing kidnapping, arresting and chasing other civil rights activists.

We, in the Committee to Defend Human Rights, stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people and demand end to violence used against demonstrators and civil rights activists and hold the Iraqi Government and security forces responsible in attacking civilians. The corruption in Iraq must come to end and perpetrators must face justice.

We call upon all governmental and Non governmental bodies and organisations ,UN human rights Commission (UNHRC) and all peace loving people in world to intervene and condemn ongoing violations of human rights and use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrations and help them in achieving their legitimate demands.

Committee to Defend Human Rights
Iraqi Australian University Graduates Forum

Dr Ahmad Alrubaie

Mr Husam Shkara

Mrs. Akram Nashi