SNC Delegation Visits Arab League in Cairo

 On Friday, Jan. 20, a delegation from the Syrian National Council’s (SNC) Executive Office, led by Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, headed to Cairo to meet with the Arab League Secretary-General, Mr. Nabil El-Araby, and the Arab Ministerial Committee.

Dr. Ghalioun carries the SNC’s demands with regard to the Arab League Observers’ report presented to the Arab Ministerial Committee. The report must document the atrocities committed by the Syrian regime against civilians in all cities and towns. Ongoing human rights violations include direct orders by the regime to kill civilians using snipers, and executions by firing squad, in public squares. The SNC delegation will stress that the report must contain clear language indicating genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes committed by the regime against unarmed civilians. In addition, the report must emphasize that approximately 2,500 civilians were killed by security forces’ gunfire, and that thousands of people were detained and wounded, since the Arab League Peace Initiative started.

In meeting with the Secretary General and Arab Ministers, the SNC delegation will demand that the Syrian case be referred to the United Nations Security Council for a resolution to establish a safe zone and impose a no-fly zone in Syria. The resolution must also call for the establishment of an oversight body empowered to use force to prevent the Syrian regime from continuing to kill and torture its civilian population.

The SNC expects to meet with journalists and other media representatives in Cairo to brief them on developments in Syria and to communicate the SNC’s position. The SNC will also present its political framework for the future of Syria, in light of decisions made by the Arab League and the Arab Ministerial Committee, and in light of the cooperation between the SNC and the Free Syrian Army.

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