SNC Condemns the Killing of French Journalist Gilles Jacquier in Homs

 The Syrian National Council condemns the killing of French journalist Gilles Jacquier, in Homs on Wednesday, January 11, 2012. Jacquier was a reporter for France 2 television. This killing is indicative of the transition of the Syrian regime from preventing press from freely working and covering the events in Syria to killing journalists and media personnel, in an attempt to silence neutral and independent media sources.

The incidents of attacking journalists coincide with Assad’s forces and Shabiha attacking and injuring some of the members of the delegation of Arab monitors, and seeking to threaten them in order to force them to leave Syria without allowing the public to see the results of their investigation that condemns the Syrian regime and exposes its crimes.

We extend our sincerest condolences to Jacquier’s family and colleagues, and we call upon international organizations and groups that defend freedom of speech and press to take an urgent and serious action to address the crimes that the Syrian regime committed against Syrian and foreign journalists. These crimes violate all freedoms of press. We also demand the initiation of an independent investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the killing of Jacquier, in preparation for prosecuting those who committed the crimes and those who ordered commission of the crimes.

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