SNC and FSA Agree on Activating Coordination Mechanism

 A delegation from the Syrian National Council (SNC) met with the leadership of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Thursday, January 12, 2012. The goal of the meeting was to increase the level of coordination and activate mechanisms of communications between them. The delegation, headed by Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, extensively discussed the situation on the ground and the organizational capacity of the FSA with Colonel Riad Al-Asa’ad and his deputy Malek Kurdi. Included in the discussion was an assessment of needs including reorganization and restructuring of FSA units. The parties agreed to formulate a detailed plan, to include the reorganization of FSA units and brigades, and the creation of a format to accommodate within FSA ranks additional officers and soldiers, especially senior military officials, who side with the revolution.

The SNC proposed a plan of action concerning mechanisms and avenues of support to be offered to pro-revolution sectors of the Syrian military. Additionally, a direct channel of communication between the SNC and FSA will be established to provide the FSA with latest updates on the political situation and on regional and international positions, as well as to ensure that the leadership of the FSA would be fully aware of latest developments and to ensure effective coordination between the two entities in order to achieve optimal service to the Syrian revolution.

The SNC intends to establish a liaison office with the FSA in order to maintain direct communications around the clock. The SNC will also organize round table discussions and workshops to present military personnel who are supportive of the revolution with political analysis, in addition to cooperating with the FSA in the area of circulating news, press releases, and statements.

The SNC and FSA have held a series of meetings during the past several weeks which have led to improved cooperation between them in the political and relief arenas. It was agreed that collaboration should improve further during the coming period.

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