Slewo Awesha Oshana in “The Gathering”

slewo-awesha-oshana.jpgSlewo Awesha Oshana, an up and coming comic writer publishes his first comic story in the new issue of “The Gathering,” now available online. . .

“The Gathering is a self published anthology series featuring original stories by some of the most talented up and coming writers and artists in comics.”

Here’s from Slewo: “Finally published ladies and gentlemen. Myself, Mathew Schelsky and an entire Rogue’s gallery of talented people. Please support this wonderful venture of ours. Only $3.50 for over 50 pages of masterful fun. :)”

Slewo is a Sophomore student at Harper College majoring in Journalism and Political Science, and a resident of Schaumburg, Illinois. Previously, he has published “A Doll’s House” and “Evita” theatre reviews in the Chicago Tribune.

For further details, meet Slewo on Facebook.