?imoni Diril Might be Found Alive If Search Had Been Sincerely Conducted’

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Chaldean couple, ?imoni Diril has been found dead 69 days later. George Diril, her nephew, says, “The spot where her body was found is 10 minutes from the village. Maybe, it would not end like this if they had been sincerely searched.”
Ruken Tuncel ?stanbul – BIA News Desk

Living in the Syriac village of Mehre (Kovankaya) in Beytü??ebap in Turkey’s southeastern province of ??rnak, Chaldean couple Hurmuz and ?imoni Diril had been missing since January 11, 2020. 

The deceased body of ?imoni Diril was found by her son in a streamside only 10 minutes away from their village on March 20.

The body of Diril was referred to ??rnak State Hospital for post mortem examination on Saturday (March 21).

Speaking to bianet about the issue, ?imoni Diril’s nephew George Diril and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Mardin MP Tuma Çelik have noted that Diril did no longer have her bodily integrity when she was found.

Diril: Authorities took pictures and left
George Diril has indicated that they are sure that the dead body belongs to ?imoni Diril, but they still want to wait for the postmortem result.

Diril has continued as follows: “The streamside where her dead body was found is 10 minutes from the houses in the village. If the search had been sincerely conducted, maybe, it would not end like this. 

“A real search was not carried out, weather conditions were used as an excuse. Drones hovered in the air twice, that was all.

“We constantly asked state authorities for help. But, they were not sincere, a confidentiality order was imposed on the file. On the day when this order was issued, authorities came to the village. It was an utter production: They circled the house, took pictures and left. Then, news were reported that ‘search was carried out despite harsh weather conditions.’ But, no search was done, our voice was not heard. No one cared.”

CLICK – Confidentiality Order on File of Missing Syriac Couple in ??rnak

Çelik: Family now concerned about father’s fate
HDP MP Tuma Çelik has noted that the deceased body of ?imoni Diril was found in a spot which was checked for several times before:

“The dead body has swollen a lot, a long time must have passed. But, where she was found is very close to the village, it is a place frequently passed by people. The autopsy report will reveal whether the body was left there afterwards and when she was killed. The family is now concerned about the father’s fate. Works should be intensified to find him as soon as possible.”

‘It is usually a forbidden zone’
Speaking to bianet on January 15, Çelik informed us that the missing couple resided in both their village and ?stanbul and said: “Apart from the Diril couple who has got missing, there is only one person living in the village. This other person is a relative of theirs.

“The village is in a mountainous terrain, it is a military zone and usually forbidden. Due to winter conditions, we as well as their family members have difficulties in reaching the village. The family members are deeply worried, they cannot reach the region, either.” (RT/SD)