Siege and Starvation cost the life of George Youssef Jajo and his wife Leila Jacob Hurmez Evarkan

george_leila1.jpg Baghdad,

A Christian citizen 74 years old died in Baghdad because of suffering from a psychological trauma after the death of his 68 years old wife. The main reason was a shortage of food and medicine because of the blockade around the house from armed terrorist groups in the region.

Reliable sources of said that the couple lived alone and it was severely dangerous to get out of the house in fear of getting murdered. The terrorist groups have threatened to kill anyone who will provide assistance to the Christians in the region. Sources add that the incident which reflect the horror, tragedies and the suffering of our people in Iraq are at the hands of terrorists.

On the June of 26sth, Ms. Leila Jacob fell unconscious from the hunger, It drove her husband to take the risk to get out of the house to request assistant from his sister-in-law and the police. Once the police reached the house she was already dead, which leaded to her transfer to the hospital.
Despite the old age and the tragic moment the husband went back home to get his wife’s documents who just passed away. Unfortunately once he arrived home, the hunger, grief and trauma took his life.

This tragic incident falls under the fierce of terrorists in the region, especially against the Christians. It happens on daily bases in front of everyone to see including the government and other forces that are protecting the region. Yet they had not been able to help.

A mass funeral will be held will be held on Sunday, July 8. in the Church of Mar Youhana in Sweden.