Shimon Khamo: Iraq should bring back Allawi and root out those who rule through religion

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“Secular Government “ under the leadership of Dr. Ayad Allawi, and rooting out the Islamic political parties from governing, this the only solution to ending the current miserable security situation under which the Iraqi people are living. His excellency Dr. Ayad Alawi has previously proven he is capable of controlling this situation during his administration as the first prime minister of Iraq. Furthermore, he is a prominent secular and a true nationalistic Iraqi.

I appeal to the Iraqi people to give Dr. Allawi full support for his efforts in bringing peace to Iraq. This appeal is a beginning of a full campaign to root out this bunch that has proved its allegiance to the neighboring countries and has become a tool in the hands of these countries. It’s the right time for the Iraqi people to raise their voices in the face of these clowns; God is helpful. Long live free and liberal Iraq.

Shimon Khamo, Modesto

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