Shameful deterioration of living conditions with poverty and unemployment for Christian villages in Zakho Exclusive.
 Levo–Persivi – Hazar Jot – Baketmi – Mulla Bron.
A number of families of our people living in villages in Zakho district that belong to the city of Dohuk deplored the miserable living conditions they are living and the widespread unemployment, poverty and lack of services, fuel and food items distributed under the ration. In addition, their most important concern is about the future of their children.
  In a survey in these areas conducted by the correspondent of website who had visited the villages of Levo, Persivi, Hazar Jot, Baketmi and Mulla Bron, he transferred relive scenes of the living conditions and how the people of these villages are living.
  The families said in their speech that the lack of job opportunities and high unemployment rate forced the heads of the families to look for work in Baghdad, Erbil and other areas. They added children and young people left schools because of the language used in the curriculum which they are poor and not familiar with. In addition, those children which are continuing their school have to buy the school requirements from local markets. These needs are too expensive in proportion to their family’s income and living conditions, which add another burden to the rest of difficulties already, exist for both small and large families.
  Most of the families of these villages explained their inability to work in agriculture due to the fact that large proportion of them had migrated from the cities and do not have sufficient agricultural experience.
  They said the food aid stopped since more than a year and a half. Most of these families have their ration share in the cities from where they displaced and the ration card lack for most of food items. Even though, it is very difficult for the families to bring their ration from Baghdad, Mosul and Basrah to the villages in which they are living due to the danger, in addition to the cost of transportation.
  Lack of living requirements:
The families pointed out that the financial aid which they are receiving from the church and not exceeding $50 a month represent slight amount and does not meet the needs of life and may subjected to decrease because of the large number of families. They confirmed that they are completely dependent on aids from the church and the humanitarian and social organizations, those working in the region.
  The families added such living conditions made large number of the families to think of leaving the country and take advantage of the offers of migration provided to them by Australia, Canada (quintet bail) and America. In addition, many of these families sold all of their property to secure the illegitimate (smuggling) travel of their children.
Poverty and bad psychological conditions:
A number of families, especially those displaced from Baghdad, referred to their very bad living situation they are experience, the widespread poverty in those areas, the fear of the unknown and thinking of the future of their children after they were in very good situation before they forced to migrate due to the bad security and targeting them in their professions. All these led them to bad psychological state, depressed feeling and no hope in better future. Families displaced from Dora district in Baghdad said that they left their houses and gave them to the neighbors free of charge in order to keep them secure, but armed groups forcibly confiscated their homes or forced them to wear hijap or pay tribute (Jesia) to them.
  They said, not only the lack of subsistence needs, but the problem included the lack of services and fuels made things worse. They also confirmed the high cost of living expenses and rising of food prices due to the absence of government control.
  The families added in their talk that the government of Kurdistan Region provides them with health clinics, physicians, medicines, electricity and water. They said there are lack for public services, such as road paving and cleaning of water downstream from brackish water as well as proliferation of stray dogs that causes many diseases, in addition to the transfer of viruses and spread of rubbish in these villages.
  The families also said the number of houses in the region is not commensurate with the continuing increasing number of families, in addition to the existence of many shortcomings in housing construction.