Seyfo Centre Press Release: Assyrians and armenians in UK decided to work closer about the Genocide

sayfo.gifSunday 21st October marked a step forward for the Assyrians fighting for genocide recognition committed almost one-hundred years ago in Turkey.� The Armenian community, who have the genocide of their people officially recognised in 19 countries, pledged to work with the Assyrians to also gain genocide recognition, for the very least within the UK.

The event which was organised by CRAG (Campaign for the Recognition of Armenian Genocide), saw scholar Sabri Atman discuss issues surrounding the Genocide of the Assyrians and Armenians, proposing questions for thought and challenging controversial differences between the two communities to inevitably bring them together.

The event, held at the Assyrian House, Ealing, brought together both members of the Assyrian and Armenian community.� It was here that representatives from CRAG and the Armenian Solidarity offered to unite with the Assyrian community in equal footing and on all levels, to achieve recognition of the Assyrian and Armenian.�

The Genocide of the Assyrians and Armenians took place during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.� The focus of the Empire was to ethnically cleanse the nation, in a bid to create a Pan-Turkish state with one Flag, one race and one religion. This resulted in the brutal murders of millions and an equal deportation of others.


The objective of the lecture was to discuss the possibility of Turkey joining the EU (European Union), and whether this should be allowed while their Government still accept no responsibility for their past crimes.�

Campaigning organisation for the Genocide, Seyfo Centre UK, who were also in attendance and co-hosted the event, would like to extend a warm heartfelt thanks to CRAG for organising the event, and for officially pledging, together with Armenian Solidarity, to work with the Assyrian people in achieving recognition.�

Mr. Nineb Lamassu of Seyfo Centre UK said, �This is of course a positive step forward and this would be empowering not only for the Assyrians but the Armenians too. For from now on we can speak in one united voice and demand what is just from our governments. We are positive these pledges � from both the Armenians and Assyrians – were not rhetorical and we should see them manifested in the very near future�.�


Seyfo Centre

23rd October 2007