Secrets and details of the most serious meeting of national security experts

 Transfer writer, journalist Samuel Ashay all the details of a high-level meeting of national security experts, to develop a scenario of the next phase, said Ashay we got on the worksheet and the results of the meeting and the most important recommendations of the high-level source.

The source said that the experts meeting warned police from entering in Saddam or confrontations with the rebels or clash with them, pointing out subduction groups of the extremist organizations trying to spark confrontations with security forces and carry out terrorist acts through Ondsashm in the middle of the protesters and try to friction police out demonstrations for Slamadtha to confuse scene .

The source added that the results of the meeting indicated the presence of extremist groups armed and trained at the highest level entered the country during the period of lawlessness, and formed sleeper cells in line with groups dangerous to national security were forbidden from entering the country, but in recent allowed to co-exist on Egyptian territory, and planned to carry out the work terrorist access to power.

The source continued that the results dealt with the nature of the relations linking terrorist entities together which constitute a serious threat to the Egyptian people as they seek to destroy the future and re-wheel time to pre-Islamic era, and these groups have strong ties to al-Qaeda and elements of Hamas and Hezbollah and are firm and extremists are scattered in Upper Peninsula Sinai, and their project is a projection brothers and access to power and enable the international organization leaders, led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, to transform Egypt to control the center of the world.

 The source continued that these are groups fictitious names such as “set the mask black”, wearing black masks on their faces to hide and not to identify them, and infiltration amid rebels to implement schemes vandalized and terrorist acts, and demanded the source rebels ????????? severe with people or groups that do not know him, and prevent donned masks presence within the marches or sit-ins fuller surroundings.

The source urged the Brotherhood to commit to houses and not take to the streets and Almyadjien not friction youth angry, and asked them to give up power and invite President Mursi to step down position, leaving the arena for those who can manage the country’s true, saying: it’s easy access to power and it is very difficult to continue it without a clear vision and approach minutes is the use of all parties, adding that he could not any faction run the country alone without the participation of all factions of the Egyptian people, and source expected the lack of response the Muslim Brotherhood this Neda to narrow their outlook and Maholutem maintain their gains they got the previous period Dharben Show wall to the public interest of the Egyptian people, noting that the brothers were in prison and some of them think that the next would not be fare worse than in the previous period.