Sawra Monitor for Human Rights concerned with the rights of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people.

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Ladies and Gentlemen:
Despite the risks to minorities in Iraq, especially in the Nineveh Plain and the consequent occupation of crimes after the organization of the Islamic Caliphate State “Daesh” for the region and the displacement of all minorities of Mosul and Nineveh Plain and Sinjar. But there are some problems faced by the Christians of Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism, but what of legislation enacted by the state make it impossible for minorities to live in peace under the laws unfairly trying by all means and remove displaced from their land. For demographic change operations to areas of Christians in the Nineveh plain historical homeland and we have a special file such practices brought to bear against them during the dictatorial regime and after its collapse in 2003.
But after the collapse was more and deeper and will give you a copy of the demographic changes and abuses on the land and property in the whole of Iraq.
The seizure of the property of Christians in Baghdad in various devious ways and the practice of fraud, deception and fraud in the transfer of their property formally.
Iraqi Council of Representatives issued in October decision must be Islamization of minors and children in the case of a parent publicity to Islam.
In the context of that call on you to and from the international community and institutions concerned with human and minority rights and the protection of Indigenous Peoples, including the following: –
Activation of the European Parliament’s decision in March 2015 on the international protection of minority areas in the Nineveh Plain and Sinjar. Guarantee of return (Yazidis, Shabak, Christians) after the liberation of their areas of (Daesh)I.S. terrorist organization.
The need to issue an international resolution as what Christians and Yazidis, Shabak, Turkmen Shiites suffered genocide and work to provide the accused with international trial.
Cancel claim in the second paragraph of Article 26 of the national card law passed by the Iraqi parliament, which provides for forcing non-Muslim minorities by pointing to Islam under duress.
The appointment of an international decision to review human rights in Iraq exposed him to the minorities of the flagrant violations by the various organs and institutions of the state.
Claim activate and approve what issued by the Economic, Social and Cultural Committee of the United Nations Meeting Decisions in October 2015, in which the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan demanding Iraq to work removal all traces of operations demographic change and abuses on the land and property of minorities in the Nineveh Plain, Sinjar and the whole of Iraq.