Sargsyan congratulates Armenia’s Assyrian community on Kha b’ Nisan

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Today, April 1, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the Assyrian community of the country on the occasion of Kha b’ Nisan (New Year).
The press service of the president presents the text of the congratulatory message:
“I cordially congratulate the Assyrians of Armenia on the New Year – Kha b’ Nisan.

“The history of friendship and cooperation between the Armenian and Assyrian peoples is millennia old. The historical fates of our peoples have a lot of similarities.

“Kha b’ Nisan is a celebration of love, joy and fertility, which also symbolizes the rebirth of nature.

“I wish to the Assyrians living in Armenia as well as the Assyrians scattered around the world that every New Year bring them happiness and prosperity.”