San Diego’s Chaldeans Celebrate Easter But Worry About ISIS

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Posted by Chris Jennewein
ISIS fighters in Iraq. Courtesy of Iraqi government
San Diego’s large Chaldean community is celebrating Easter amid concern for their fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria who are persecuted by ISIS terrorists.

An estimated 50,000 Chaldeans fleeing turmoil in the Mideast have found new homes in the El Cajon area, where the inland San Diego County climate is reminiscent of their homeland.

“While we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, our Christians brothers and sisters abroad rejoice in silence,” said Mark Arabo, a leader in the community.

“This Easter Sunday, Chaldeans will pay special commemoration to the Christians of Iraq and Syria who continue to be persecuted, killed and silenced by ISIS,” he said. “On this most solemn of Easters, we ask that San Diego remembers those Christians who are unable to pray and to freely express their faith.”

Both Chaldean and Assyrian Christians have faced genocide at the hands of ISIS for refusing to convert to Islam.