Saddam Hussein’s daughter in search of publishing house for father’s memoirs: lawyer

By Al Arabiya
Raghad Saddam Hussein, daughter of the late Iraqi president, is currently looking for an international publishing house for her father’s handwritten memoirs.

“These are the only real memoirs Saddam Hussien wrote by hand and they will be released as soon as we find a publishing house,” said Raghad’s lawyer Haitham Nabil al-Harsh.

Harsh did not specify the content of the memoirs or how much time it took the late Iraqi president to write them.

It is noteworthy that lawyer Khalil al-Delimi, head of Saddam Hussein’s defense team, released in October 2009 a 480-page book under the title Saddam Hussein from the American Cell: What Really Happened.

The book, written in Arabic, was based on dozens of interviews Delimi conducted with the late president while he was detained by the American occupation prior to his trial and execution. The book also includes poems and letters written by Saddam Hussein.

Raghad Saddam Hussein objected to much of the book’s content especially the part in which Delimi said that her father planned to run away from prison.

Raghad, Saddam Hussein’s eldest daughter, has been living in Jordan since 2003, the year American forces invaded Iraq.

Jordanian authorities have several times turned down requests by the Iraqi government to extradite Raghad on the grounds of her involvement in “terrorist activities.” Raghad was also accused of planning to topple the current Iraqi regime. She dismissed all those accusations and labeled them “groundless allegations.”

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)