Sabri Atman lectures in Greece about Seyfo-The Genocide

atman961.jpgSabri Atman, representative of the Seyfo Center, has been invited to Greece to lecture about Seyfo- the genocide on Assyrians during the First World War. Apart from Assyrians and Armenians, also Greeks were murdered during Seyfo. Before Seyfo approximately 3 million Greeks lived in Turkey. The Black Sea coast was demographically dominated by Pontic Greeks. Today there are no Pontic Greeks living at the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Before 1915, the Christian minorities constituted 1/3 of the country’s population. Today the Christians are approximately only 80 000 in Turkey, a country with a population of 70 millions.

All Christians, Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks were either murdered or subjected to ethnical cleansing. Sabri Atman’s trip to Greece has been noticed by Assyrian media. Ahna Media in Holland and the Radio program Qolo in Sweden have interviewed Sabri Atman.

During the interview, Sabri Atman said that the trauma caused by Seyfo is still very strong and evident in Greece.

Click on the links below to see/listen to Ahna Media and radio Qolos interview with Sabri Atman.

Ahna media Holland.

Radio Qolo Sverige.


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